web design and programming

I develop and maintain programs to collect, manage, and display data and information. I specialize in WordPress based websites, and have developed projects ranging from simple blogs to complex course registration systems. I work exclusively with non-profits and education entities, many of which qualify for free hosting. I primarily work in Python, PHP, MySQL, Javscript, and related languages.

site development

A selection of sites I have created (but may not currently maintain):

  • Hatch: a community co-work space in Portland, Oregon
  • Wildland Witness: innovative forest conservation program
  • ASRI: human and environmental health non-profit
  • Evological Evolution: academic research group
  • Program for Field Studies in Tropial Asia: course registration management system

CritterBase desktop app

(in development) A highly customizable, cross-platform program to manage camera trap images and vidoes. Powerful enough for scientists performing rigorous field surveys, but friendly enough for amateur camera trappers like birders, hunters and other outdoorspeople.

Publication Manager Wordpress plugin

Custom plugin that allows academics to maintain and display a searchable list of publications complete with links to PDFs, and easily exportable BibTeX references.

See it in action: College of Micronesia Land Grant Program's Publications

Contact me if you are interested in a copy.

EXIFize My Dates Wordpress plugin

This Wordpress plugin sets the post date to the EXIF date of a post's featured, or first-attached image. Handy for portfolios / photoblogs / photojournals you want in chronological order but didn't necessarily upload in that order.

This tool will attempt to irreversably change the actual post date of the selected Post Type.

The date will be changed using (in order of priority):

  1. 'exifize_date' custom meta (date or 'skip')**
  2. EXIF date of Featured Image
  3. EXIF date of the first attached image
  4. Do nothing. Be nothing.
**To override the function with a custom date, create a new custom meta field with the name: 'exifize_date' and value: 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss' -- for example: '2012-06-23 14:07:00' (no quotes). You can also enter value: 'skip' to prevent the EXIFizer from making any changes.

Get it here.

external database management Wordpress quickstart framework

This Wordpress plugin provides a framework for managing an external mySQL database from within Wordpress.

The plugin:

  • adds an admin menu to perform simple add, edit, and delete functions on the database
  • adds a hook to insert a table pulled from the database into your posts.
  • (Note: this plugin requires understanding of mySQL and some intermediate programming knowledge)

Get it here.