programming and data management

I develop programs to collect, manage, and display data and information, and have created projects ranging from simple websites to complex data management systems.

  • Languages: Javascript (Node, React), MySQL, PHP, Python
  • Programs: Ubuntu, QGIS, WordPress, Electron
  • GitHub: lbell

website development

I do custom website installation and development, primarily for non-profit and education entities that are making a positive impact on our world. Please reach out to discuss options.

gis specialist

I utilize GIS technology to collect, analyze, and present geospatial data to assist land managers with the creation and management of public trails.

  • Horsethief Conceptual Trail Plan - BLM
  • Talpa Ridge Conceptual Trail Plan - FS (v1, v2)
  • Miranda Canyon Conceptual Trail Plan - FS
  • Bridge-to-Bridge Trail Plan - BLM
  • Bull of the Woods Trail Plan - FS
  • Taos Valley Overlook Trail Signs - BLM

CritterBase desktop app

(in development) A highly customizable, cross-platform program to manage camera trap images and videos. Powerful enough for scientists performing rigorous field surveys, but friendly enough for amateur camera trappers like birders, hunters and other outdoorspeople.

Built on: Electron, Node, and React with an agnostic database backend.

Trail Beta — WordPress plugin

Targeting MTB associations, this plugin allows you to display a list of trails, filterable by difficulty, length and rating as well as pulls current conditions from Trailforks and MTBProject.

See it in action:

In development. Roadmap includes trialmaps.

Hydrogen Directory — WordPress plugin

A ridiculously light, stupidly-simple plugin to manage and display a directory of anything: production cast, blog contributors, businesses, collectors items, church members, books, club officers, chickens in your flock, departmental employees, students, bowling league teams… you get the point.

Most “directory” plugins out there are way too complicated. One of the more popular ones weighs in at 30 MB! That’s almost as much code as WordPress Core. That’s uranium heavy. Be careful of meltdowns…

Whether you need to just list the 3 members on your team, are looking to showcase the 200 cars in your pinewood derby league, or need to import 10,000 employees, Hydrogen Directory manages it all with ease, speed, and predictable grace.

See it in action:

Get it here:

Pretty Google Calendar — Wordpress Plugin

Embed Google Calendars in your website that don't look like crap.

Let's face it, Google Calendar is awesome, but their embeds are a mess, all looking like something straight out of 1990.

This plugin wraps the excellent Full Calendar Javascript library in an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to give you beautiful Google Calanders without any pain or suffering.

It comes pre-loaded with elegant tooltip functionality and a few other default tweaks to make it as user-friendly and eye-pleasing as possible without you having to touch a line of code.

See it in action:

Get it here:

EXIFize My Dates — Wordpress plugin

This Wordpress plugin sets the post date to the EXIF date of a post's featured, or first-attached image. Handy for portfolios / photoblogs / photojournals you want in chronological order but didn't necessarily upload in that order.

This tool will attempt to irreversably change the actual post date of the selected Post Type.

The date will be changed using (in order of priority):

  1. 'exifize_date' custom meta (date or 'skip')**
  2. EXIF date of Featured Image
  3. EXIF date of the first attached image
  4. Do nothing. Be nothing.
**To override the function with a custom date, create a new custom meta field with the name: 'exifize_date' and value: 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss' -- for example: '2012-06-23 14:07:00' (no quotes). You can also enter value: 'skip' to prevent the EXIFizer from making any changes.

Get it here:

Publication Manager — WordPress plugin

Custom plugin that allows academics to maintain and display a searchable list of publications complete with links to PDFs, and easily exportable BibTeX references.

Currently not in public release. Contact me if you are interested in this project.