After a robust decade working seasonally for the US Forest Service in three states, I focused my attention on the most remote corners of the Grand Canyon, wrangling invasive plants for NGOs and the Park Service.

A two-year stint in China taught me how to code tunnels through the Great Firewall, while three years managing a remote rainforest research project in West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia honed my skills with databases, programming, and project management.


  • MSc: Chinese Academy of Science (Ecology)
  • BA: Texas Tech University (Philosophy/Biology)

professional past

  • Freelance Writer (current) - Wherever there's a story
  • Professional Ski Patrol (current) - Taos Ski Valley
  • Developer (current) - Virtually, Anywhere
  • Field Research Manager - Borneo, Indonesia
  • Botanical Field Researcher - Grand Canyon
  • Invasive Plant Slayer (and conservation crew leader) - Grand Canyon
  • Conservation Crew Leader - Washington
  • Wilderness Monitoring Program Manager - Colorado
  • Dog Musher / Concession Manager - Wyoming
  • Outdoor Educator - Texas
  • Wildland Firefigher - Wyoming
  • Outdoor Rec Guide (climbing, backpacking, boating, skiing) - Lotsa places
  • US Forest Service Wilderness Ranger - Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska